Rotterdam fest selects 15 for Tiger competition

Titles run gamut of styles, director says

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands -- Fifteen titles have been selected to compete for the International Film Festival Rotterdam's €10,000 ($13,000) Tiger Award, organizers said Monday in announcing the festival's main competition lineup. The award comes complete with guaranteed distribution in the Netherlands.

The 2007 competition offers a diverse array of titles, festival director Sandra den Hamer said.

"In terms of style, choice of subjects and countries of origin, the Tiger Award offers this year many variations," she said. "We have psychological dramas, offbeat rock 'n' roll and very visual sparkling experiences. Some titles are very baroque and some are very subtle. All the directors show a lot of talent and originality."

The competing titles are "Bog of Beasts" by Claudio Assis (Brasil), "Bunny Chow" by John Barker (South Africa), "Me" by Rafa Cortes (Spain), "How is your Fish Today?" by Xiaolu Guo (China), "The Man of No Return" by Katya Grokhovskaya (Russia), "Afr" by Morten Hartz Kaplers (Denmark), "Fourteen" by Hirosue Hiromasa (Japan), "La Fine del Mare" by Nora Hoppe (Germany), "Rock 'n' Roll Never Dies" by Juha Koiranen (Finland), "Does it hurt?" by Aneta Lesnikovska (Netherlands), "Ex Drummer" by Koen Mortier (Belgium), "The Unpolished" by Pia Marais (Germany), "Tides" by Diego Martinez Vignatti (Belgium), "The Antenna" by Esteban Sapir (Argentina) and "Love Conquers All" by Tan Chui Mui (Malysia).

The festival runs Jan. 24-Feb. 4.