Rotterdam festival restructures program

New format comprises three main sections

AMSTERDAM -- The International Film Festival Rotterdam has restructured its program for its 38th edition, which begins Jan. 21.

The aim of the changes, according to director Rutger Wolfson, is to integrate several media, including features, short films, contemporary art and live performances.

Greater focus also will be put on the Tiger Award Competition, with the IFFR planning to invest more effort in the sale and international distribution of the selected titles.

Additionally, the festival will introduce three main sections: Bright Future (aimed at young filmmakers), Spectrum (the latest international cinema from established directors) and Signals (retrospectives, thematic programs and exhibitions).

The 38th edition includes a selection of Asian films dealing with ghosts and supernatural events tabbed Hungry Ghosts. Another section will be Size Matters, in which the influence of different screen sizes on the viewer will be examined.