Rotterdam: Lineup for Bright Future and Spectrum Sections

Courtesy of FiGa Films Brazil
'I Swear One I'll Leave This Town'

The 2015 program includes some 22 world premieres

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has confirmed the lineup for its Bright Future and Spectrum programs and named the 10 films that will compete for its Big Screen Awards.

The Bright Future sidebar, which highlights first and second features from directors Rotterdam judges to have more mainstream potential, runs the gambit from the hyper-stylized I Swear I'll Leave This Town from Brazil's Daniel Aragao to the 50-year-in-the-making documentary Sam Klemke's Time Machine from Australian director Matthew Bate.

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The Spectrum section, featuring more avant garde filmmakers, includes titles such as Miike Takashi’s As The Gods Will; French/Korean co-production Black Stone from Roh Gyeong-Tae and Stinking Heaven, the feature debut of U.S. director Nathan Silver.

10 of the films from the two sidebars will also compete for Rotterdam's Big Screen Award. The honor, which will be awarded at a ceremony Jan.30, includes a $12,000 (€10,000) cash bursary to support the winning film's distribution in the Netherlands.

Full List of Big Screen Nominees

I Swear I'll Leave This Town, Danial Aragao
Jauja, Lisandro Alonso
Key House Mirror, Michael Noer
The Lesson, Kristina Grozeva/Petar Valchanov
Magical Girl, Carlos Vermut
A Matter of Interpretation, Lee Kwang-Kuk
The Move, Marat Sarulu
Second Coming, Debbie Tucker Green
Undulant Fever, Ando Hiroshi
Das Zimmermadchen Lynn, Ingo Haeb

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