Rowan Blanchard Describes Attending First Couture Show as "Surreal" Experience

Rowan Blanchard at Chanel Dinner - Getty - H 2017
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for CHANEL

While attending Chanel's dinner in L.A., the 15-year-old star recalls her recent jaunt to Paris.

At age 15, Rowan Blanchard has already attended a couture fashion show — more specifically, she attended her first-ever couture presentation, sitting front row at Chanel's Paris show earlier this month.

The Girl Meets World alum says the experience "felt like a weird blur."

"The music was making me cry because I'm really sensitive to classical music, so in the beginning I was like 'whoa!' and then I was freaking out a little bit. It is very surreal," Blanchard tells The Hollywood Reporter at a cocktail event hosted by Chanel on Wednesday. The evening was held in honor of Chanel global creative makeup and color designer Lucia Pica's new Travel Diary makeup collection.

The actress didn't travel to the City of Light alone, however. She had her longtime stylist, Chris Horan, by her side.

"It's crazy because we've worked together for almost four years now and getting to experience all this together has been amazing. I'm constantly inspired by his ideas," says Blanchard, clad in head-to-toe Chanel with a white tee bearing the words "Gabrielle Chanel," high-waisted navy tweed pants and red booties.

Blanchard shares that Horan makes her feel confident in the clothes she wears, "which is really helpful, because as you can see, I get really nervous on red carpets and it's not my world," she says. "He's really helpful about making sure the clothes are something that I don’t feel weird in (laughs)."

Meanwhile, Horan describes the petite star as being very open-minded when it comes to fashion. "She's willing to go for it and take a risk," he explains. Indeed, Blanchard wasn't afraid to go bold with her evening's eye makeup, courtesy of beauty guru Amy Strozzi. The actress says it was meant to look like colorful finger painting.

Horan recalls their first couture experience together as being "very emotional," he says. "It was just kind of a dream. Seeing couture up close ... everyone is just there for the art of fashion. I think Rowan is special in the sense that she really cares about fashion as an art form and less about something that she wears on a carpet."

The stylist adds that he also enjoys seeing the joy that clothes bring to Blanchard. "She probably won’t admit it, but the minute she puts on something she loves, she'll start doing some Beyonce moves or something," he says, laughing.

In addition to styling Blanchard in a number of memorable looks (that emerald Elie Saab dress was everything), Horan can be found making his client feel her best, as he was spotted fixing her ‘do on the step-and-repeat.

During the event, Blanchard was joined by fellow cool teen Yara Shahidi, Clara McGregor (daughter of Ewan McGregor), Amber Valletta, Rodarte's Laura Mulleavy and jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer at Santa Monica's Capo Restaurant, where guests nibbled on tuna tartare and sipped on champagne.