Royal Baby: Birth News Gives U.K. Newspaper Sites Biggest Traffic Day of Year

Kate Middleton, Prince William and the royal baby boy as covered live by NBC News.

"The Daily Mail"'s site even drew its biggest audience ever on Monday driven by the baby news.

LONDON – The birth of the royal baby boosted the websites of U.K. newspapers, giving them their biggest traffic day of 2013.

The Daily Mail's site even drew its biggest audience ever on Monday driven by the birth, the Guardian reported. 

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The tabloid site recorded nearly 10.6 million unique visitors on Monday, the paper said, citing first internal estimates. That would be one million more than its previous record set amid the Boston marathon bombings in April. Monday also saw the Mail's site hit its biggest-ever hour of traffic with 1.09 million unique users just after the birth was announced, according to the Guardian.

Overall, U.K. Internet traffic to news and media sites reached 94 million unique visitors on Monday, besting the average of 64 million. The Boston marathon bombings had drawn 85 million.

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The Daily Mail drew the biggest share of online visits from U.K. users on Monday, followed by The Sun, which is part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph, the report said, citing data from Experian Marketing Services.

"Tabloid news sites usually outperform the [quality papers] in terms of total visits," and this was also the case on Monday, James Murray, digital insight manager at EMS, told the Guardian. "However, broadsheets punched above their weight on Monday in terms of visit growth, which means that their readers were proportionally more interested in the royal baby than those of the red tops."

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