Royal Baby: Palace Releases First Official Photos of Prince George With Parents

Kate Middleton's father took the two pictures of his daughter, Prince William and their first child.

LONDON – Britain's royals have released the first official photos of Kate Middleton and Prince William with their baby, Prince George.

As is tradition with first royal baby pictures, they were made available by the royals themselves, in this case via Kensington Palace, where the royal couple lives. Their release came online and via Twitter four weeks after the baby's birth.

However, the two pictures were not snapped by a royal photographer but by Middleton's father, Michael, British TV reported on Tuesday. They were taken earlier this month in the garden of the Middleton family's home in Bucklebury, England.

In both photos, Prince George, who is third in line to the British throne, is lying in Middleton's arms wrapped in a white blanket and seems to be sleeping.

In one of the photos, Middleton and Prince William are sitting, and are joined by cocker spaniel Lupo. In the background, the Middleton family dog, Tilly, a golden retriever, is seen lying on the ground. In the second, more formal photo, Middleton and Prince William are standing.

The caption for the photos is simple and refers to the royal couple's formal titles: "Family photos of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George."

The release of the photos comes just a day after the airing of Prince William's first TV interview since becoming a father.

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