Royal Baby: ITV Won Right to Ask Royal Couple First Question After Coin Toss

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Royals correspondent Tim Ewart spoke with Prince William and Kate Middleton first when they left a London hospital with their newborn son.

LONDON — With the world's media eagerly waiting for Kate Middleton, Prince William and their newborn son to leave a hospital in West London Tuesday evening local time, how did U.K. TV correspondents decide who would get the first question in? They flipped a coin.

ITV News royal correspondent Tim Ewart, a veteran of the royals beat who also covered the couple, their wedding and their romance before that, was the winner. He mentioned his luck live on television Tuesday night.

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As the world waited for the royal couple to emerge Tuesday evening with their baby boy, Ewart told ITV viewers that he had won the "right” to ask the couple the first question after a coin toss competition. He didn't detail who was all involved in the coin tossing beyond the BBC and ITV.

A spokeswoman for ITV News later confirmed the coin toss and said it involved BBC News, ITV News and Sky News.

“I’m not sure everyone will stand by the result,” Ewart added on air, pointing out that there were also a lot of TV crews from all around the world waiting for the big moment.

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Ewart ended up getting the first two questions for the royals in. As the royal couple left the hospital, he asked them about the family addition and how they felt. Prince William said "Hi Tim" before answering the first question. Ewart then asked a follow-up question.

The ITV correspondent didn’t seem too remorseful, but did apologize to his fellow correspondents on air later, saying his journalistic instincts had taken over.

Georg Szalai in London contributed to this report.