Royal Wedding Broadcast Gets $35 Million Security Campaign

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Five thousand police will be on duty, joined by Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

LONDON -- A $35 million security campaign swung into action as the biggest wedding and state occasion of the year got underway. PHOTOS: Kate Middleton and Prince William say "I Do"

London’s Metropolitan Police were in position to line the wedding route and were primed to deal with possible pockets of revolt by anarchist groups.  PHOTOS: What Kate Middleton and famous guests wore to the wedding

Five thousand police will be on duty, most of them stationed along the wedding route with others on stand-by to deal with any trouble on the fringes. They will be joined by Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

The police, taking no second chances after Prince Charles and Camilla’s car was under attack by protesters earlier this year as it got caught up in an anti-capitalist march, carried out pre-emptive raids on a number of homes and squats in the southeast before the wedding day, arresting seven protestors and taking away a mocked-up guillotine. PHOTOS: Famous royal weddings

Protestors against the Iraq war and other political action from the British government who had been camped out in front of the Houses of Parliament have also been moved. No specific threats are expected, however, Scotland Yard stressed. PHOTOS: The 9 wackiest wedding celebrations