Royal Wedding Dance Video Takes Over Web


UPDATED: More than 9.8 million have watched Kate Middleton, Prince William look-alikes in a viral video for T-Mobile.

Remember that viral wedding video featuring Chris Brown's "Forever" that's been viewed more than 64 million times online?

T-Mobile does.

The cellphone company is going viral with their own take on the wedding dance -- featuring look-alike royal family members, including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Camilla Bowles, Prince Harry and William and of course Kate Middleton.

The video had 834,085 streams Saturday -- about 24 hours after hitting the Web. On Monday, it clocked in at 4.7 million and as of April 23, was at 9.8 million streams.

Networks are releasing hundreds of hours of footage to promote the April 29 wedding.

Lifetime's made-for-TV movie, which is said by critics to be so bad it's good, airs on April 18 (and on April 24 in the U.K.).