Royal Wedding: How a Hollywood Writer's Prince George Parody Became the King of Instagram

Karwai Tang/WireImage
Prince George

'Family Guy' scribe Gary Janetti plots imagined insults — from the mind of a scathingly Meghan Markle-averse 4-year-old potentate — like a sitcom.

Nobody seems less enthused about the royal wedding than Prince George — or, at least, the catty persona that one Instagram account has cultivated for the 4-year-old since September. As rendered by Family Guy producer and scribe Gary Janetti on his personal stream, the mini-Machiavelli is dripping with disdain for his future aunt.

"There's ONE star in this family, bitch," read a post the day the match was announced. Janetti's follower count has surged from 70,000 to 350,000 (including the likes of Lisa Rinna, Kaley Cuoco and Lea Michele) this year, and he now looks at the account as a sitcom unto itself; May 19 will be a very special episode.

"I find Meghan Markle super appealing," says Janetti, 52, whose credits include the original Will & Grace and ITV's Vicious. "The irony is that this is my way of celebrating her. It's a bit twisted." As to whether he'll head to the U.K. with his stylist husband, Brad Goreski, who's covering the nuptials for E!, "No comment," says Janetti. "Infer from that what you will."

Any idea what George might wear to the wedding?
I hope not what he wore to Pippa Middleton's wedding. I need a new look.

There isn't a wealth of George photos available.
It forces you to be creative, having limited resources. I've got to use what's available to tell a story. When his brother was born, and there were new photos of George going to the hospital, I was like, "Thank God! I need more expressions!"

The wedding should give you new visuals.
Yes! To me, the holy grail will be a picture of Meghan with George. There's never been a photo of them together.

What makes her such a target for George?
The spotlight had been on George since he was born. Everybody was so consumed with George as the star of the show. Then, here comes this beautiful American woman, and he's relegated to the sideline in his mind. He's eaten alive by jealousy, that's how I see it. The closer we get to the wedding, the bigger she becomes, and the more intense this gets. The fact that she is so appealing and winning is what's so galling to George.

Have you gotten any negative feedback for portraying him as so scathing?
Sure, but it's all meant with affection. It's fun. Even though he says horrible things, it's done in a way that's meant to be so ridiculous that you couldn't possibly take it seriously. I've given him these Shakespearean ambitions and thoughts to use this forum to tell that story. I think of him as a character in any series.

Will you keep it up after the wedding?
The royal wedding is a season finale. There's never been a plan, but I'm treating the Instagram account as if it's a TV series. It has an arc, there are little storylines that play out independently, and there are standalones. But I think of each post as an episode. I'm trying to play with the form.

If George is the star and Meghan is his main foil, who's No. 3 on the call sheet?
Probably the queen. I'm obsessed with The Crown, and for me, this is a modern-day comic The Crown.

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