Royal Wedding Sets an Online Streaming Record


Preliminary numbers show overall Web traffic was up 20 percent as Kate Middleton said "I do" to Prince William.

Livestream reported a record 330,000 simultaneous streams of Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding, according to

2.4 million people watched live streams during the wedding, according to stats by Akamai, a server company that supported the royal wedding streaming video on, Fox News and E! Online, among thousands of other sites. An additional 500,000 people streamed on-demand video. (A rep for Akamai points out that not everyone could have been watching the ceremony, "but you can make pretty good correlations given the time of day.") PHOTOS: What Kate Middleton and famous guests wore to the wedding

That's nearly double the streams seen during the World Cup, which hit a peak at 1.6 million. PHOTOS: Kate Middleton and Prince William say "I do"

Traffic tracker Sandvine reports Web traffic was up 20 percent overall during the hourlong wedding ceremony according to preliminary numbers. PHOTOS: Famous royal weddings

Page views were down across the Web during the ceremony. Akamai reports a peak of 5.4 million page global page views per minute, compared to the current record of 10.4 million a minute set on June 24, 2010, when multiple World Cup games and the longest-ever Wimbledon match took place. PHOTOS: The 9 wackiest wedding celebrations

Once ratings are calculated, the wedding is expected to become the most-watched TV event of all time. More than 750,000 million tuned in to watch Prince Charles wed Princess Diana in 1981.