The Royal Wedding: What Critics Say


"Waity Katie" no more! More than 1 million people lined the wedding route to watch Britain's Prince William finally marry longtime love Catherine Middleton in a glamorous ceremony at London's Westminster Abbey on Friday morning. PHOTOS: Kate Middleton and Prince William say "I do"

And now, the largely breathless reviews are in on everything from the new Duchess of Cambridge's dress to their vows and those balcony kisses. PHOTOS: What Kate Middleton and famous guests wore to the wedding

See what the critics are saying. 

The New York Times gushingly called the Royal nuptials "a moment that will shape the future of the British Monarchy."

Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker praised the ceremony's contemporary feel. "One of the refreshing things about the new wedding was that it did not resemble a fairy tale: It was, rather, a lovely, modern ceremony, and thank God no one broke out in one of those horrific boogie-down, YouTube-pandering dances down the aisle."

"She is not disappointing," Project Runway's Tim Gunn said of Middleton's Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding gown, which he compared to Grace Kelly’s, the onetime Princess of Monaco. "The dress, in my view, is beyond anyone's imagination. Kate could not look more princessly or queenly." 

Although many speculated that the newly dubbed Princess' sister, Philippa Middleton, may have managed to outshine her more conservatively dressed sister. 

"Her dress was so sexy," said Sherri Shepherd on The View. "I'm going to make sure none of my bridesmaids outshine me. You will be in a freaking muumuu."

Justin Bieber even tweeted "congrats to William and Kate ...and Kate's sister. She was a hit with @thatrygood," calling out his stylist, Ryan Good.  PHOTOS: Famous royal weddings

Even Middleton's brother, James, got critiqued. "The reading by James Middleton, the bride’s brother, was wonderful reading and his good looks also required no pointing out," said The Telegraph

As for their wedding vows, "William said ‘I will’ in a clear confident voice, when asked if he would ‘love, comfort, honor and keep’ Middleton, 29," wrote NBC, adding. "She appeared slightly emotional as she repeated her vows."

And what about those public kisses? PHOTOS: The 9 wackiest wedding celebrations

"In the most carefully choreographed of weddings -- with every moment planned to the second -- the couple's balcony kiss was the one wildcard, and it did not disappoint," said ABC News. "The heir to the British throne first exchanged a short peck with his beloved bride and then leaned in to kiss her again about two minutes later."