RTL 'Baby Borrowers' scores ratings win

German teen parent show adaptation disappoints critics

BERLIN -- RTL again proved there is no such thing as bad publicity as its teen parenting reality show "Erwachsen Auf Probe" rode rough shod over a storm of public protest to a ratings win Wednesday night.

The show, a German adaptation of NBC format "The Baby Borrowers," scored a 19.1% market share with 2.2 million viewers in the key 14-49 demographic.

RTL had to fend off attacks from politicians, church groups and parenting organizations to get "Erwachsen" on air. On Wednesday a German court overturned a suit aimed at blocking the show before its primetime debut.

Critics claimed the show -- in which teenagers test their (mostly non-existent) parenting skills on other people's kids -- violated the children's' rights and amounted to little more than crass voyeurism.