RTL likely to buy Tien


AMSTERDAM -- The Dutch media on Monday was awash with reports that Tien, media tycoon John de Mol's commercial TV channel, is up for sale and will be likely be acquired by RTL Nederland.

While another channel, SBS Holland, is believed to be a potential buyer, most observers consider RTL the favorite to take over the two-year-old TV station.

According to RTL director Fons van Westerloo, a deal between his company and Tien is only a matter of time. "We are currently closing the deal," Van Westerloo said in a statement. But a Tien spokesperson said that negotiations with other channels are still ongoing.

Formerly named Talpa, Tien has been struggling to make a mark since its launch. A targeted 10% market share was never achieved, with the station currently averaging 6% of the audience.