RTL dominates German TV Prize noms

Receives 20 nominations in 22 categories

COLOGNE, Germany -- RTL is back with a vengeance at this year's German TV Prize, the German equivalent of the Emmys, receiving 20 nominations in 22 categories, the first time the commercial channel has led its public broadcast rivals in this honor roll. Public broadcasters ZDF and ARD received 19 and 18 nominations, respectively.

Far behind were RTL's commercial competitors. Berlin-based Sat.1 received seven nominations, Munich's Pro7 six.

RTL has pumped up its fiction programming this season, and it has paid off with multiple nominations, including two in the top category of best TV movie/miniseries: adventure drama "The Charlemagne Code" and serial killer two-parter "Das jungste Gericht." Also nominated is ARD's Cold War drama "The Woman From Checkpoint Charlie" and Thalidomide biopic "Side Effects" and ZDF's "The Miracle of Berlin," about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

But the true showdown may come in the series category, where Germany's top five channels have all received nominations: RTL for "Doctor's Diary," ARD for the crime comedy "Murder With a View," Pro7 for the cult favorite "Dr. Psycho," Sat.1 for the crime procedural "R.I.S." and ZDF for its Berlin cop series "KDD."

The winners of the 2009 German Television Awards will be announced at a gala in Cologne on Oct. 11.

A complete list of nominees follows:

Best TV movie/miniseries

"Side Effects" (ARD/WDR/ZEITSPRUNG/Degeto/EOS/Jan Mojto)
"The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie" (ARD/MDR/BR/RBB/Arte/UFA/Degeto Film)
"The Charlemagne Code" (RTL/Dreamtool Entertainment)
"Das jungste Gericht" (Final Judgement) (RTL/Lisa Film Produktion)
"The Miracle of Berlin" (ZDF/teamWorx/ZDF Enterprises)

Best series
"Dr. Psycho" (ProSieben/BRAINPOOL TV)
"Doctor's Diary" (RTL/POLYPHON)
"KDD" (ZDF/Hofmann & Voges)
"Murder with a View" (ARD/WDR/PRO/Degeto Film)
"R.I.S." (Sat.1/Producers at Work GmbH)

Best documentary
"Quantum Silence" (ARD/NDR)
"One Story Too Many- Anna Politkovskaya and the Putin System" (3sat/ZDF/SF/MDR/RBB/p.s. 72 productions/Zero One Film)
"Eschede, 10:59" (VOX/SPIEGEL TV)

Best reporting
"Alt Sein Auf Probe" (ARD/WDR)
"Stern TV Reporting: "They'll come to no good!" (VOX/i & u)
"ARD exclusive: child slaves" (ARD/WDR)

Best reality program
"Your Chance! 3 Applicants - 1 Job (ProSieben/Janus TV GmbH)
" Die Aussreisser- Der Weg zuruck (RTL/Imago TV)
"Teenagers out of Control -- Last Chance the Wild West" (RTL/Tresor TV)

Best science program
"neues" (3sat/ZDF)
"Quarks & Co." (WDR)
"World of Wonders" (RTL2/Welt der Wunder)

Best entertainment program/best show
"Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Celebrity Edition" (Sat.1/Werner Kimmig)
"German Idol" (DSDS) (RTL/GRUNDY Light Entertainment)
"Germany's Next Top Model -- by Heidi Klum" (ProSieben/Tresor TV)

Best comedy
"Merry Christmas with Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka (Sat.1/BRAINPOOL TV)
"Switch Reloaded" (ProSieben/Hurricane)
Mathias Richling, his parodies in "Scheibenwischer" (ARD/RBB/BR)
"The Popolski Show with Achim Hagemann" (WDR)

Best sports program
"Euro 2008" (ARD)
"Olympic Games, 2008" (Eurosport)
"Olympia Highlights," (ZDF)
"Champions League Quarter Finals" (Premiere/Sat.1)
"Boxing - Vladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson" (RTL)

Best director
Matti Geschonneck, "Duel in the Night" (ZDF/Network Movie)
Niki Stein, "Big Tom" (ARD/hr) and "The Automatic Killer" (ZDF/POLYPHON)
Connie Walther, "12 means I love You." (ARD/MDR/UFA)

Best teleplay
Katrin Buhlig, "Bella Block: White Nights" (ZDF/UFA)
Frauke Hunfeld, "A Risky Game" (ZDF/Hager Moss Film)
Daniel Nocke, "Duel in the Night" (ZDF/Network Movie)

Best actor
Misel Maticevic, "The Dark Side" (RTL/Network Movie), "The Vow" (WDR/Colonia Media) and "The Automatic Killer" (ZDF/POLYPHON)
Benjamin Sadler, "Side Effects" (ARD/WDR/ZEITSPRUNG/Degeto/EOS/Jan Mojto) and "The Charlemagne Code" (RTL/Dreamtool Entertainment)
Devid Striesow, "12 means I love You" (ARD/MDR/UFA)

Best actress
Veronica Ferres, "The Woman From Checkpoint Charlie" (ARD/MDR/BR/RBB/Arte/UFA/Degeto)
Claudia Michelsen, "12 means I love You" (ARD/MDR/UFA)
Katharina Wackernagel, "Side Effects" (ARD/WDR/ZEITSPRUNG/Degeto/EOS/Jan Mojto) and "My Murder Came Back" (ZDF/teamWorx)

Best supporting actor
Florian David Fitz, "Doctor's Diary" (RTL/POLYPHON)
Michael Gwisdek, "The Miracle of Berlin" (ZDF/teamWorx)
Thomas Sarbacher, "Bella Block: White Nights" (ZDF/UFA)

Best supporting actress
Karin Baal, "Widows" (ARD/NDR/Studio Hamburg)
Silke Bodenbender, "A Momentous Affair" (ZDF/ABC-Studio) and "Das jungste Gericht" (RTL/Lisa Film)
Ina Weisse, "Duel in the Night" (ZDF/Network Movie)

Best foreign correspondent
Maike Rudolph, her reports from Burma (ARD)
Diana Zimmermann, her reports from China (ZDF)
Steffen Schwarzkopf, his reports from Afghanistan and Kenya (Sat.1/N24)

Best late-night host
"Achtung! Hartwich with Daniel Hartwich" (RTL/ Sony Pictures)
"Inas Nacht with Ina Muller" (NDR/Beckground TV/TV Plus)
"Thadeusz with Jorg Thadeusz (RBB/Beckoffice Content & Creation)

Best cinematography
Arthur W. Ahrweiler, "Big Tom" (ARD/hr) and "The Automatic Killer" (ZDF/POLYPHON)
Alexander Fischerkoesen, "The Dark Side" (RTL/Network Movie) and
"Day of Disaster" (RTL/ZEITSPRUNG/EOS)
Dietmar Koelzer, "The Miracle of Loch Ness" (Sat.1/Rat Pack/Alpha Filmtime)

Best editing
Moune Barius, "Day of Disaster" (RTL/ZEITSPRUNG/EOS) and "The Dark Side" (RTL/Network Movie)
Andrea Mertens, "Das jungste Gericht" (RTL/Lisa Film)
Philipp Stahl, "KDD" (ZDF/Hofmann & Voges)

Best music
Klaus Badelt, "The Charlemagne Code" (RTL/Dreamtool Entertainment)
Karim Sebastian Elias, "Bella Block: White Nights" (ZDF/UFA) and "Treasure Island" (ProSieben/ORF/Janus Film)
Christoph M. Kaiser and Julian Maas, "KDD" (ZDF/Hofmann & Voges)

Best design (sets and costumes)
Matthias Kammermeier and Ulrike Schutte, "Day of Disaster" (RTL/ZEITSPRUNG/EOS)
Florian Reichmann and Birgit Hutter, "Das jungste Gericht" (RTL/Lisa Film)
Thomas Stammer und Esther Walz, "Treasure Island" (ProSieben/ORF/Janus Film)

Best visual effects
Denis Behnke (Visual Effects Scanline VFX), "The Charlemagne Code" (RTL/Dreamtool Entertainment)
Michael Coldewey and Simone Kraus (Trixter Film), "The Miracle of Loch Ness" (Sat.1/Rat Pack/Alpha Filmtime)
Christian Riebe and Christian Pokorny (CA Scanline, Thomas Zauner & Michael Mielke) for "Day of Disaster" (RTL/ZEITSPRUNG/EOS)