MTV EMAs: Ruby Rose Hosted While Injured and Didn't Tell Anyone

Ruby Rose EMAs H - 2015

Ed Sheeran’s charismatic co-host bore a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber during the night.

The theme for the MTV EMAs in Milan Sunday night was “cute and badass,” with Ed Sheeran holding up cuddly props throughout the night while his co-host Ruby Rose opted for fire slingers and arm wrestling.

Yet what the global audience watching didn’t know was that Rose’s badass act was hardly an act. The bombshell actress came limping onto the red carpet in a black satin tuxedo with a matching cane, with an injury fresh off of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which has been shooting in Cape Town, South Africa.

“I just got off of shooting an action film, hence the cane because I’ve torn my leg. I just tore my calf muscle five times, no big deal,” Rose joked to Hollywood Reporter.

But the actress didn’t seem bothered. “We got to do amazing things. Acting is just that genre where you get to do whatever you want.”

While many actresses later regret doing their own stunts, Rose doesn't seem to put herself in that boat. “I don’t regret that,” she said. “It adds to the character.”

In contrast to her “cute” co-host, Rose swapped outfits throughout the evening, keeping the stilettos on, despite her injury. And she even managed to poke fun at the frequent comments she gets that she looks like Justin Bieber.

When Rose interviewed the man of the hour, who took home a whopping five awards over the course of the night, they were dressed in identical red and white, although he was wearing slouching pants and a hoodie while she wore a silk blazer and Greek-style cocktail dress. 

"Can I just say I had like 10 outfit changes, and I made sure none of them were Bieber-esque," Rose said. "How are we both wearing red and white right now?"

"I feel like you copied me," Bieber responded.

"I was rehearsing before you," she replied, to which Bieber shot back, "I had this first!"

Rose also spoke with Hollywood Reporter about how she chose her wardrobe for the night. She was slightly worried about the frequent costume changes, regardless of the injury: “I’m not Nicki Minaj. I don’t think I can pull it off, but we’re going to try,” she said.

"I like androgynous clothing, but I’m using Armani and Versace and Schiaparelli and really beautiful European brands, and some great Milan brands," she said of her fashion preferences. "I want to keep it classy and classical. I love Italian fashion. The Italians kind of get it pretty right."