Rudy Giuliani Defends Donald Trump: Some Mexicans Do "Rape People"

Rudy Giuliani, Hardball Still - H 2015

Rudy Giuliani, Hardball Still - H 2015

"I think he said it in reverse."

Rudy Giuliani defended Donald Trump's controversial immigration remarks about Mexicans while talking to Hardball's Chris Matthews on Tuesday.

“Donald’s a friend of mine. I respect him. He is an unbiased man,” said Giuliani, adding that he thinks Trump said his comments about Mexicans being rapists "in reverse."

“What he should have said is that most people who come across the border come across the border for economic reasons,” said Giuliani. “But hidden with them, because they’re coming across unchecked, are people who rape people, murder people, kill people and are terrorists.”

The former New York City mayor said that the reality is neither Democrats nor Republicans want to compromise on their stances about border control. He also said that Trump's critics are "overdoing it" by dropping associations with him.

"I don’t agree with Donald’s comment, as I said," added Giuliani. "I would say it totally differently. The conclusion that he comes to, that we have a porous border that needs to be controlled better, is the correct conclusion.”