Rudy Giuliani Won't Be on the Sunday News Shows

Rudy Giuliani - GETTY - H 2016
Rob Kim / Getty Images

The former New York mayor's Ukraine-heavy interviews last Sunday made headlines and caused controversy.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani isn't booked to appear on any of the Sunday morning news shows this week, and Bidenworld is feeling triumphant.

Last Sunday, the controversial Trump lawyer appeared on both CBS' Face the Nation and ABC's This Week, which reach an average of seven million Americans each week. (He also spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures.)

Those two broadcast news appearances led Joe Biden's presidential campaign to take the unusual step of sending a letter to executives, anchors and producers on Sunday urging them to stop booking Giuliani. (The letter was not publicly answered by any of its recipients.)

One week later, Giuliani isn't booked on any of the major shows, though it's unclear if the Biden campaign letter made the difference.

"This weekend there will be at least one fewer source of Trump administration lies on the airwaves, as Rudy Giuliani sits the week out after Sunday show anchors shredded what remained of his credibility last week," a Biden campaign ally told The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday.

As it did in the run-up to last Sunday's Giuliani appearances, the Biden campaign reached out to multiple networks earlier this week offering up a surrogate in the event that Giuliani or a Trump campaign representative was booked on a Sunday show.

One network that appears to have been largely unswayed by the Biden missive is Fox News, which booked Giuliani for multiple appearances this week to talk about the Biden family and Ukraine.

Brian Williams' MSNBC show even put together a supercut of Giuliani's appearances this week on Fox News and Fox Business, which it called "Rudy Revue: Giuliani's Wild Week Defending Trump on Fox News."