Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Is Supporting Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton - Presidential Debate - Getty - H - 2016
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Hillary Clinton in a red Ralph Lauren suit at the first presidential debate. 


"I think she's by far the most qualified candidate that we've had in a long while," Caroline Rose Giuliani reportedly says.

The daughter of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says she is a full-fledged Hillary Clinton supporter, despite the fact her father is a close adviser to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. 

Caroline Rose Giuliani made it clear via social media that she supports and will vote for Clinton, posting the campaign’s “H” logo as her profile picture along with a #ImWithHer campaign banner on her Facebook page.

Her father has been an outspoken critic of Clinton while out on the campaign trail with Trump. 

Caroline Giuliani confirmed to Politico that the Facebook page was legit, adding, "I love Hillary, I think she's by far the most qualified candidate that we've had in a long while. My dad knows. I was for Barack in 2012. He knows and is fully comfortable with it and thinks I have a right to my opinion." 

She did not immediately return a request for additional comment from The Hollywood Reporter.  

Her father has made headlines for some of his remarks about Clinton and other statements in support of Trump, such as just this week when he said "everybody" commits infidelity. That happened while he appeared on NBC's Meet the Press when Giuliani was called out by host Chuck Todd about his own indiscretions while he attempted to skewer Bill Clinton for his past. 

This is far from the first time Caroline Giuliani has broken away from her father's political views and party. In 2008, while her father was a GOP presidential candidate during the primary season, Caroline Giuliani made news when she posted on social media that her views were liberal and she joined a group supporting Barack Obama, according to Politico. Her page was taken down after that news spread like wildfire.