Rue McClanahan's Personal Belongings, 'Golden Girl' Scripts, Costumes, Memorabilia, Drawings Go Up For Auction

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

The beloved Emmy-winning actress wanted her fans to have personal mementos. Her son is arranging several auctions to honor his mother's wishes

Rue McClanahan, or Blanche Devereaux, as fans of the beloved TV series Golden Girls know her, died last June after at 76. She is not forgotten and the Girl reruns are still being DVRed and enjoyed by her fans, old and new.

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Now its being reported that some of Blanche (sorry, Rue's) personal belongings are going up for auction for her fans to bid on. The Emmy winner wanted fans to have access to her personal property -- including her costumes -- after her death. And her son Mark Bish is arranging several auctions across the U.S,  starting on Dec. 17.

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The first auction will be the living room of Rue’s NYC apartment from furniture, artwork, show biz memorabilia and “Golden Girls” outfits, costume jewelry, personal letters, a purse she carried to the 1986 Emmys, a few  Golden Girls scripts, one signed by the other stars of the show and another with her personal notes and “doodles." Betty White always told her friend  “You’ve got to do something with those. That is more than doodling, that is artwork!”

One thing Blanche won't be parting with are the “doodles” drawn by young George Clooney who played a cop in an early episode. Now that's one rerun we want to see!


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