'Runaways': Controversial Romance Goes Public in Web Series' New Season (Exclusive Video)

The scripted teen drama launches its six-part second season on Thanksgiving and THR has an exclusive sneak peek of one of the key scenes.

Oh, teenage love.

Forget The CW, the teen mystery drama Runaways will roll out the first episode of the second season beginning 5 a.m. PST on Thanksgiving, with subsequent installments to follow in two to three hour increments.

Runaways is a scripted web series about the disappearance of Danbury Prep's most controversial couple the same day police discover a violent murder, leaving their classmates talking to each other -- and the FBI -- to piece together what really happened. Season two uncovers more details behind the couple's first meeting, their first public kiss and their parents' disapproval of the relationship, with the cops continuing their interrogation.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive sneak peek of a scene from the new season's fifth episode. Popular cheerleader Kalee (Karalynn Dunton) and resident bad boy Mason (Grant Harvey), who have been secretly dating for a while, can't contain themselves and share a passionate kiss in the hallway, their secret revealed to the entire school -- including their friends and enemies.

Runaways hails from Brian Robbins, Joe Davola, Clark Mathis and Beth Szymkowski-Mathis.

The first season has garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube's Awesomeness TV channel.

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