'Runoff' Trailer Tells a Story of Rural Drama (Exclusive Video)

Kimberly Levin makes her directorial debut with a thriller about family, danger and sacrifice.

Open to a sunny close-up of a field in rural Kentucky as a plane descends -- and from there, let chaos ensue.

So kicks off the trailer for Runoff, debuting exclusively here at The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie -- directed by Kimberly Levin, produced by Kurt Pitzer and starring Joanne Kelly (Warehouse 13) -- centers on Betty Freeman (Kelly), who must take desperate measures to save her family as her husband falls ill and the government threatens to foreclose her property.

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The result: danger and sacrifice. As ominous tones reverberate in the background, the trailer features shots of everyday farm life interspersed with moments of terror -- everything from a cow getting milked, to the mysterious plane, to frantic hand-washing, to a suggestive frame of a small child exclaiming, “Bang, bang!”

Levin’s directorial debut will have its world premiere during the Los Angeles Film Festival on Thursday, June 12, at 7:10 p.m. at LA Live Regal Cinemas.

The Los Angeles Film Festival runs June 11-19.