Runway Rock: Elie Saab's Gilded Grunge

Elie Saab Couture Show AW15 - H 2015
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Elie Saab Couture Show AW15 - H 2015

Nirvana was the soundrack to a dreamy golden couture collection.

Nirvana's "Come As You Are" played just as the lights went up at the Elie Saab's haute couture show in Paris Wednesday. Come as you are, certainly, but only if you're in a brilliantly sparkling ball gown or laurel crown headpiece and spend your days in a Byzantine castle.

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At least that was the theme as models walked in intricately embroidered gowns in shades of gold, opalescent pink and peridot while Kurt Cobain's voice echoed through the speakers. Perhaps the princess is trapped in the castle. "Lithium" came up next, with its lamenting "I'm so lonely and that's OK."

The show was a reflection of Saab's first work, he said, reminiscent of the gowns that established him on the global fashion stage over two decades ago, long before Halle Berry famously wore the then little-known designer when she won her Oscar in 2002.

Air's melancholy "Playground Love" was the final song as the traditional couture closing bride walked in a golden gown. Show notes sweetly reminded the audience that Saab and wife Claudine celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this past weekend, and that she had worn a golden gown designed by Saab at their own nuptials. The wedding is "a moment that continues to inspire the heart of Elie Saab." Consider ours melted.