Rupert Gets Political

Since Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter on Dec. 31, the News Corp. CEO has amassed more than 211,000 followers while lobbing 140-character grenades at enemies near and far. Lately he has taken an interest in the U.S. presidential race. Some examples:

♦ "Romney has plenty of brains, but want to see heart and stomach."

♦ "Can't blame Newt G too much. He was carpet bombed with negatives by Romney. Brilliant, visionary but just too much baggage! And erratic."

♦ "Without trust, democracy, and order will go."

♦ "So Obama has thrown in his lot with Silicon Valley paymasters who threaten all software creators with piracy, plain thievery."

♦ "From distance, Santorum doing great. Values really do count in America, and not sneered at as in parts of Europe. Win Michigan, game over." (Santorum lost the state primary to Romney.)

♦ "Obama out to lunch! 90 percent right on great issues of education and immigration. Bipartisan support mostly there. Why no leadership?"

♦ "To hell with politicians! When are we going to find some to tell the truth in any country? Don't hold your breath."

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