Rupert Murdoch Backs Brexit, Says It's "Wonderful"

Rupert Murdoch - H 2016
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Rupert Murdoch - H 2016

The media mogul's U.K. tabloid 'The Sun' had fiercely backed the campaign to leave the European Referendum.

Unsurprisingly, Rupert Murdoch is quite pleased with the Brexit.

The media mogul, whose U.K. tabloid The Sun had fiercely back the "leave" campaign in last week's historic referendum, made his first public comments about the vote on Tuesday, telling guests at the invite-only CEO Summit in London that the decision to leave the EU was "wonderful," according to The Guardian.

"We made a momentous decision last week. This is like a prison break... we're out," Murdoch added.

The event was organized by the The Times, which Murdoch's News Corp also owns, and which sided editorially in the "remain" camp. 

Given the readership of his papers and close links with politicians, Murdoch holds huge influence in the U.K., where The Sun has successfully backed the winners in a succession of general elections, switching from Conservative to Labour (for Tony Blair) and then back to Conservative for David Cameron. With the country's leadership now in doubt following Cameron's resignation, it's likely Murdoch's press will push for his preferred replacement.

Unfortunately for the favorite Boris Johnson, it's not going to be him.

According to tweets from Sky News journalist Ed Conway, Murdoch criticized pro-leave campaigner and former London mayor Johnson for backtracking on immigration pledges in his weekly column for The Telegraph, say if he "backtracks on serious things there'll be another bloody revolt."

He instead appeared to throw his support behind justice secretary Michael Gove, saying he would do a "fine job of running the country."

Looking across the Atlantic, Murdoch seemed to underline his backing of Donald Trump, claiming the supposed Republican nominee was a "very able man," and fired a financial warning towards his Democrat rival.

"If Hillary gets elected what she’s promised to do with the [New York] banks is going to make London boom," he said.