Rupert Murdoch Defends 'Exodus' Cast: "Since When Are Egyptians Not White?"

Twentieth Century Fox
Christian Bale in 'Exodus'

The mogul was addressing the controversy over 20th Century Fox's upcoming biblical epic

Rupert Murdoch doesn't understand why anyone would complain about the casting for the forthcoming biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings. 

The media mogul, whose 20th Century Fox studio is distributing the film, tweeted his defense Friday in light of criticism that the film's all-white cast does not accurately represent the story's Egyptian characters. Exodus focuses on Moses defying Pharaoh Ramses by leading the slaves out of Egypt.

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"Moses film attacked on Twitter for all-white cast," Murdoch wrote. "Since when are Egyptians not white? All I know are."

He then sent out a follow-up: "Everybody attacks last tweet. Of course Egyptians are Middle Eastern, but far from black. They treated blacks as slaves."

Murdoch also wrote that "there are many shades of color" and told his Twitter followers to "calm down."

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This is not the first time that someone involved with the film has addressed such concerns. Actor Joel Edgerton, who plays Ramses, said earlier this year that he does "understand and empathize" with criticism of the casting. He also added: "I got asked to do a job, and it would have been very hard to say no to that job."

Exodus: Gods and Kings stars Christian Bale, Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley. The film hits theaters Dec. 12.

Murdoch's tweets can be seen below.

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