Rupert Murdoch to Fox News Staff: "This Has Been a Challenging Time"

Rupert Murdoch At News Corporation Getty H 2016
Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

After Roger Ailes' departure, a pep talk from Fox News' interim CEO.

Rupert Murdoch, the exec chairman of 21st Century Fox and now acting CEO of Fox News, sought to establish a new normal after the abrupt departure of chief Roger Ailes over a sexual harassment scandal.

In a memo to employees of Fox News, Murdoch admitted that it's been tough times recently for the cable news network.

"There's no doubt this has been a challenging time  amid the conventions and multitude of domestic and international breaking news stories, we had to face being the news last week as well," Murdoch wrote, referring to the resignation of Fox News founder and CEO Roger Ailes.

Ailes was forced to step down last week amid allegations that he sexually harassed female employees of Fox News, including former Fox News broadcaster Gretchen Carlson, who filed a lawsuit against Ailes earlier this month.

Fox News endured another shake-up recently when executive vice president Michael Clemente departed Monday after he was demoted in April.

Despite the roster changes, Fox News still performed strongly in ratings during the coverage of the Republican National Convention last week, a fact that Murdoch's note was quick to point out.