Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall Wedding: Michael Caine, Bob Geldof Among Guests

Courtesy of Getty Images
Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall

Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, actor Richard E. Grant, playwright Tom Stoppard and the couple's kids also attend the Saturday wedding at London's "journalists' church."

Some of Britain's film and music royalty attended Saturday's London wedding of 21st Century Fox and News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch and model/actress Jerry Hall.

Actor Michael Caine, musician Bob Geldof, former Rolling Stone member Bill Wyman, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and playwright Tom Stoppard were among those celebrating the church wedding of the 84-year-old mogul and 59-year-old Hall at St. Bride's, the traditional "journalists' church" on Fleet Street in the British capital.

Actors Richard E. Grant and "Dame Edna" Barry Humphries and big Time Warner shareholder Vivi Nevo were also among the guests, according to sources and Twitter photos.

Murdoch, wearing a navy blue suit and tan shoes, was seen arriving at the church shortly after 10:30 a.m. for his fourth marriage, accompanied by sons James and Lachlan, whose wives Kathryn and Sarah also attended. James is CEO of Fox, while Lachlan is co-chairman of Fox and News Corp. Their sister Elisabeth Murdoch also was in attendance, along with News Corp CEO Robert Thomson and his wife Ping and News UK CEO Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie.

Also among the invited guests were the couple's 10 children. Murdoch, who was born in Australia but became a U.S. citizen in 1985, has six kids from his previous marriages; Texas-born Hall has four with ex-partner Mick Jagger. Hall arrived at the wedding with son James. Hall and Jagger had an unofficial private Hindu marriage ceremony in Indonesia in 1990, but during divorce proceedings in 1999, a British court declared it invalid.

The church and its venue have special significance for the media industry and Murdoch personally. Important for the mogul, the church contains a memorial plaque to his late father Keith. Of importance to the broader media industry, Fleet Street is known as the spiritual home of British journalism. Britain's newspaper industry was famously based on Fleet Street until Murdoch moved his printing presses to east London in the 1980s to fight the powerful printers' unions, with other print media companies soon following suit.

With Murdoch's move back then widely considered to have triggered the fall of Fleet Street as London's media hub, some online commentators criticized that he got married there.

Murdoch and Hall had officially wed on Friday at Spencer House, an aristocratic palace built by ancestors of the late Princess Diana. That venue was also the location for Saturday's reception for the roughly 100 guests following the church wedding.