Rupert Murdoch: Mitt Romney's Debate Performance May Be Campaign 'Turning Point'

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"Surprise! Romney better than strongest supporters hoped for," the media mogul said on Twitter.


News Corp. chairman and CEO joined pundits in declaring Mitt Romney the winner of the Wednesday evening TV debate with U.S. president Barack Obama. And he suggested it could prove to change the momentum in the presidential race in favor of the Republican challenger.

"Surprise! Romney better than strongest supporters hoped for," the media mogul tweeted Thursday. "Aced Obama. All polls narrowed last few days. This may be turning point."

Pundits had overnight declared Romney the winner of the debate, which focused on U.S. policy issues.

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PBS anchorman Jim Lehrer moderated the discussion.

Murdoch also commented via Twitter on the two presidential candidates' debate about education.

"Interesting skirmishes on education," he said. "Obama has done some good, but not enough. Pandering to all students with money wrong."

Murdoch also chimed in with this suggestion: "U.S. must give heavy push to higher STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] courses, or China etc will own the future. Also green cards to best foreign students."

Hollywood folks in first reactions also said that Romney gained momentum with his performance in the first TV debate of the two contenders in the presidential race. Romney "had to change the narrative," said comedian Patton Oswalt on Twitter. "He did it."

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