Rupert Murdoch Mocks Global Warming With Icy Photo, Enrages Twitter — Again

Rupert Murdoch - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

Rupert Murdoch - H 2015

Murdoch's tweet angered many Twitter users.

Rupert Murdoch continued to deny global warming's existence on Friday, posting a tweet that incensed many people. 

Twitter users responded to his comments with rebuttals and insults:

Following backlash, Murdoch posted two more tweets:

This isn't the first time Murdoch has upset Twitter users with his incendiary tweets. In April 2014, he called Google's ethics into question, despite ethical challenges he has had with his own company's phone-hacking scandal.

This also isn't the first time Murdoch has treated climate change casually, denying it is a major problem. Here's a look at his interview with Sky News on the subject:

The Guardian reports that Murdoch's news outlets are "among the worst when it comes to getting climate change wrong and disseminating climate myths and misinformation." Climate change can produce a variety of effects, and sometimes those who deny climate change should be a concern focus on day-to-day weather, as opposed to looking at climate's transformations over a long period of time.

The 2009 State of the Climate report stated that each of the last three decades has been warmer than the decade before it. In 2014, the National Climate Assessment reported that evidence of man-made climate change continues to strengthen.

Murdoch's logic? "The world has been changing for thousands and thousands of years; it's just a lot more complicated today because we are more advanced."