Rupert Murdoch Praises Jeb Bush, Calls Mitt Romney "Terrible"

Rupert Murdoch - P - 2014
Associated Press

The 21st Century Fox CEO weighs in on possible Republican presidential candidates, saying he doesn't yet have a favorite.

Rupert Murdoch has started weighing in on the 2016 presidential race and potential Republican candidates. 

During an appearance at the Manhattan Institute on Wednesday, where he was interviewed by Fox News analyst Judith Miller, the 21st Century Fox chairman and CEO praised Jeb Bush, while calling Mitt Romney a "terrible candidate," Politico reported.

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While Murdoch said he had no favorite candidate yet among what he predicted would be a "big and lively field," he added: "I like Jeb Bush very much."

He also said he admired Rand Paul. "I am very impressed by his brain" and his focus on the argument that "Washington is too big," Politico quoted him as saying. But the mogul raised questions about his foreign policy, saying a nomination for Paul would leave him "very surprised."

Romney, who is reportedly considering a third run for the Republican nomination after missing out in 2008 and winning it in 2012 (but losing to President Obama in the election), drew negative reviews from Murdoch though. "He had his chance. He mishandled it," the mogul said. "I thought Romney was a terrible candidate." Murdoch added that Romney failed to address criticism that he was "super rich."

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On other potential candidates, Murdoch said "I wouldn't write off Chris Christie at all" and said Scott Walker would be "an interesting candidate," according to Politico.

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