Rupert Murdoch Says Donald Trump Is "Thin-Skinned"

AP Images/Invision
Rupert Murdoch

"Is flying around the country every day tiring him?"

Donald Trump has become increasingly touchy in Rupert Murdoch's opinion.

The media mogul took a shot at the presidential candidate over Twitter during the fifth GOP debate Tuesday night

Trump was center stage for the CNN event hosted in Las Vegas thanks to his leading poll numbers. The eight other candidates were positioned at on either side of him. 

Trump went back and forth, exchanging numerous quips with other candidates, so it is unclear exactly which point fellow billionaire businessman Murdoch was referring to when he tweeted: "Donald Trump seems to be getting even more thin skinned! Is flying around the country every day tiring him? Would anybody else."

Trump, who received favorable reviews for his debate performance, was cheered, booed and even heckled once during the live event, which was moderated by Wolf Blitzer.

Murdoch made other observations on the candidates as the debate unfolded. Those comments are listed below: