Rupert Murdoch Scandal: Piers Morgan Tweets About Ex Boss

Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

"Nothing unusual in Rupert's desk-whacking," the CNN host writes. "He did that in every meeting I ever had with him."

NEW YORK - CNN host and former News of the World editor Piers Morgan on Tuesday chimed in via Twitter on comments by his former boss News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch in front of a U.K. parliamentary committee.

After Murdoch said that he was rarely in touch with the News of the World editors and instead has spent most time talking to the Wall Street Journal, Morgan tweeted: "Rupert called me every week for 18ms on News of the World - rarely asked about anything but what stories we had that week."

The host of Piers Morgan Tonight also commented on repeated instances of Murdoch slamming his hand on the desk in front of him. "Nothing unusual in Rupert's desk-whacking," Morgan said. "He did that in every meeting I ever had with him. To convey both pleasure & displeasure."

He also shared his reaction to Murdoch's opening comment to the committee. "This is the most humbling day of my life," Murdoch had said. In mentioning the quote on Twitter, Morgan added: "Wow."

Morgan was twice dragged into the hearings.  MP Louise Mensch asked both Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks if phone hacking on Fleet Street – as outlined in Morgan’s 2005 autobiography, she said – was not a widespread and accepted practice to generate scoops.

Morgan himself took issue with the question. In a Tweet he clarified that he never hacked a phone or wrote that he hacked a phone, rather he was warned that it was quite easy to do.

“That MP just claimed I boasted in my book of using phone-hacking for a scoop,” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “Complete nonsense. Just read the book. I’ve never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, or published any stories based on the hacking of a phone. I wrote in my book that someone warned me phones could be hacked, so I changed my pin number. That’s it.”


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