Rupert Murdoch on Trump's Immigration Stance: "Complete Refugee Pause" Makes Sense

Rupert Murdoch - H 2015
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Rupert Murdoch - H 2015

The GOP presidential candidate shared the media mogul remarks about Muslims to his more than five million followers.

Rupert Murdoch spoke out about Donald Trump's recent remarks calling for a "complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the United States.

"Has Trump gone too far?" tweeted Murdoch, without answering his own question. "Regardless, public is obsessed on radical Muslim dangers, Complete refugee pause to fix vetting makes sense." 

Trump shared the post with his more than five million followers. 

The media mogul's implication that the U.S. should have a pause on allowing refugees into the country while it "fixes vetting" is not a new idea. The House of Representatives recently voted to ban Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the U.S., calling for tougher screening measures.

However, Trump's request to bar all Muslims from entering the country has been met with indignation and disdain.

Hours after his initial post, Murdoch said he was "NOT endorsing Trump, but support Congressional vote for immediate pause to overhaul vetting process." That position is not the same as a ban on all Muslims coming to America.

Murdoch backing Trump on Tuesday was somewhat unusual as the media mogul has been critical of the GOP candidate in the past, especially on his immigration views.  In July, Murdoch said Trump was "wrong" about his outlook on undocumented immigrants.

"Mexican immigrants, as with all immigrants, have much lower crime rates than native born. Eg El Paso safest city in U.S. Trump wrong," Murdoch tweeted. 

Murdoch's remarks were in response to Trump claiming undocumented immigrants from Mexico are mostly criminals. The mogul didn't stop there, he posted a second tweet further challenging Trump's assertions. 

"So FBI says 267000 illegal aliens incarcerated. Who are the other two million presently incarcerated?" Murdoch tweeted.

Trump was blasted even more when he expanded on the ban proposal at a rally in South Carolina Monday night. 

"We can be politically correct and be stupid, but it's going to get worse and worse," Trump said. Trump was interrupted at least twice by hecklers during the speech.

Meanwhile, the Philly Daily News likened Trump to Adolf Hitler on the publication's Tuesday cover for the ban announcement.  The New York Times published an editorial titled "Bizarre Responses to a Plea for Reason," criticizing Trump for his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. 

"Donald Trump, a bigot without foreign policy experience, showed that there is nothing he won’t say or support to sow hatred," the editorial board wrote.