Rupert Murdoch Tweets: 'We Screwed up' Myspace

Rupert Murdoch - The Times CEO Summit - 1 - P - 2011
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The News Corp. chairman and CEO also comments on CES 2012 and its dominant players.

NEW YORK - News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch early Friday said on Twitter that he has seen "many questions and jokes" about MySpace, and he said the conglomerate didn't get it right when it owned the social network.

"Simple answer - we screwed up in every way possible, learned lots of valuable expensive lessons," he said about MySpace.

News Corp. acquired the company in July 2005 for $580 million when it was still growing. It sold it this summer for merely $35 million. New owner Specific Media this week unveiled a new Myspace TV service at CES 2012.

Speaking of CES: Murdoch on Thursday had tweeted about the annual consumer electronics trade show. "CES coming to a close. Seems like more innovation than ever, some great, all disruptive," he said. "Traditional coys feeling digital tornado."

He later added: "CES again. Big three, Apple, Google and Amazon, and maybe Facebook dominant now and growing. Plenty of others good, but not in same league."


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