Rupert Murdoch Weighs In on U.K. Tabloid Topless Women Controversy

Rupert Murdoch - P - 2014
Associated Press

The News Corp chief says The Sun "will always have great looking women."

Rupert Murdoch is back to trolling the Internet via Twitter.

The News Corp CEO and chairman weighed in on the controversy surrounding topless models that feature on Page 3 of the company's top U.K. tabloid The Sun. After indications last week that The Sun would do away with glamor shots of women, the newspaper brought them back in what many media commentators are calling a prank that backfired badly. 

The Sun, the U.K.'s biggest newspaper in terms of circulation, has been publishing photos of topless women on Page 3 since 1970, despite consistent criticism that the pictures were a misogynistic anachronism. The Irish edition of The Sun axed topless pictures in 2013. 

Murdoch, however, felt the controversy was "much fuss" over nothing and that only the "horrible elites" were against topless women on Page 3. The media magnate then reiterated that The Sun "will always have great looking women" as well as men. Unsurprisingly the tweet set off a storm of protest on social media.