Rush Limbaugh Mocks Japan Refugees, Diane Sawyer (Video)

He laughs on his radio show about Sawyer’s coverage of the country’s post-earthquake recycling program.

Rush Limbaugh mocked Japan refugees and Diane Sawyer on his Tuesday radio show.

A caller pointed out that Sawyer, who is there reporting on the devastating earthquake and tsunami, visited a refugee camp and pointed out they're still recycling.

"Did I really hear this? Diane Sawyer is in a refugee camp in Japan. This is almost like a kindergarten teacher talking to four year olds. Some of these people are here for days and, 'Look! Look, it's recycling!'" he said, imitating Sawyer's voice. "Organized for recycling!" (He's not the only media personality to mock the earthquake; Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the Aflac duck after Tweeting 12 crude jokes - despite apologizing and being defended by Howard Stern.)

"She sounds like she saw her husband for the first time in six months here. These people are in the midst of earthquake devastation and the credit they're getting is for recycling…" he went on.

Limbaugh then turned his attention to the Japanese as targets.

"The Japanese have done so much to save the planet: they've given us the Prius, their refugees are recycling," he laughed. "And yet gaia [Greek for Mother Earth] just levels them. Just wipes them out. What kind of payback is this?"

"I like the way this guy was thinking," he added of the caller. "What is gaia trying to tell us here? What is the mother of environmentalism trying to say with this hit?"