Rush Limbaugh Switching Radio Stations in Philadelphia (Report)

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"The Michael Smerconish Show" will replace the conservative rabblerouser on WPHT.

Rush Limbaugh will leave AM radio station WPHT, and take his syndicated talk show to another station in Philadelphia, The New York Times reports.

Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates The Rush Limbaugh Show, is moving the program out of WPHT and possibly into new digs at WKDN, an FM station expected to transition from Christian to news-talk programming, according to the Times.

Meanwhile, The Michael Smerconish Show -- hosted by Philly native and political moderate Michael Smerconish -- will replace Limbaugh's show.

ANALYSIS: Rush Limbaugh Suffers Minimal Impact From Ad Boycott

The conservative radio provocateur has been under fire of late for his bitter verbal attacks on Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, resulting in an advertiser exodus and the loss of two affiliates.

"Premiere recently notified WPHT they will be syndicating Rush Limbaugh on a new station in Philadelphia," CBS Radio, which owns WPHT owner, said in a statement. "As a result, we are pleased to be able to now showcase Michael, who is a well-known and acclaimed broadcaster in the market, in this new time period."

WPHT is a larger station than WKDN, with a 50,000-watt signal to the former's 38,000. But Premiere has demonstrated interest in moving stations over to FM versus AM.




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