Rush Limbaugh Slams Washington Post's Mitt Romney Bullying Story

Rush Limbaugh National Association of Broadcasters - H 2012
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Rush Limbaugh National Association of Broadcasters - H 2012

"Most people are going to laugh at this.... absolute BS," Limbaugh says after the newspaper publishes a 5,000 word article claiming that the presidential hopeful bullied a gay classmate five decades ago.

Rush Limbaugh and a herd of conservative media commentators blasted the Washington Post on Thursday for what they called a biased hit piece on Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The crux of the 5,000-word Post story was that Romney and some others at the elite Cranbrook School in 1965 pinned down a long-haired classmate and forcefully cut his hair. The Post describes the now-deceased victim as “perpetually teased for his nonconformity and presumed homosexuality.”

Limbaugh took aim at the piece on his radio show on Thursday.

The Washington Post can find out what Mitt Romney was doing 50 years ago in high school but they still can’t be bothered to find Barack Obama’s transcripts at Columbia and Harvard?” Limbaugh asked his estimated 15 million listeners. “They can’t find real girlfriends? They have to go with this compressed composite? They’re not interested in finding, did Obama pull off any pranks in high school? Where did Obama go to high school?”

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Limbaugh then referenced Obama’s admission that he had tried cocaine and asked why the Post and the rest of the media hasn’t investigated where he got it, who he may have shared it with and how he behaved while under its influence.

Limbaugh read long passages from the Post’s story and said: “I think most people are going to laugh at this … It’s so obvious now – it’s so pathetically transparent what this is… a pro-Obama media ganging up on Romney.”

Romney was asked about the Post story on Fox News Radio on Thursday and he admitted to doing “dumb things,” “high-jinks” and “pranks” in high school. “Some may have gone too far, and for that I apologize,”  Romney said. He also said he had no idea that John Lauber, the person the Post says Romney bullied, was gay (the Post story acknowledges Lauber only came out to friends and family long after high school).

“1965 was a great year. Bullying was legal,” Limbaugh joked Thursday. “Watch that be a quote that shows up at Media Matters: ‘Limbaugh praising bullying while defending Romney!’”

“This is absolute BS!” Limbaugh said of the Post story. “Remember now, this is the same Washington Post that found the ‘n’ word was painted on the underside of a rock at a summer camp where Rick Perry used to go a hundred years ago.”

Such sentiments were all over the Internet on Thursday, with numerous conservative bloggers citing the Perry summer camp story as well as the media frenzy over the release of thousands of mundane emails sent by Sarah Palin.

Many of the bloggers were also convinced that the Post’s timing wasn’t coincidental.

“The timing of the story is obviously designed to protect President Barack Obama, who just yesterday said that he would embrace same-sex marriage,” wrote Ben Shapiro at Big Journalism. “The narrative from the media therefore became: Obama is fine with gays, Romney hates them. Since they had zero evidence that Romney has any antipathy toward homosexuals, they had to dig up an incident nearly 50 years ago, invest it with anti-gay rage, and print it as fact.”

At, Erick Erickson posted a list of things the media still doesn’t know about Obama. “I guess we won’t hear the left whining anymore when we mention Barack Obama eating a dog, since, as they are quick to point out, he was a kid when it happened.”