Rush Limbaugh Throws A 'Tea Party' for Tornado-Damaged Joplin, Mo. (Video)

The conservative talk host celebrates the city's American pride in promotion for his new tea product.

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh paid tornado-ravaged Joplin, Mo. a visit on Monday with a truckload of his new Two If By Tea drink product after naming the city the best example of American pride in the U.S.

“[T]hose of you from Joplin, Mo. – you may not know it yet, but you are the essence of what the founding fathers had in mind,” Limbaugh told the crowd according to “You are the epitome — you are the people that make this country work.”

Limbaugh chose the city as part of a contest tied to his new tea product after asking for nominations for the country’s best example of American pride. As the winner for its relief efforts after the May 22 tornado hit the area, the city’s Fourth of July celebration won a truckload of Two If By Tea products, as well as a public address from its host.

Watch his speech below.