Russell Brand Tells Sean Hannity, 'Come Back to Humanity' (Video)

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Russell Brand

The comedian also calls Javier Bardem "ignorant."

Russell Brand has continued his war of words with Sean Hannity over the Fox News host’s coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict.

After Hannity responded to Brand’s 12-minute YouTube critique with a segment in which he labeled the comedian “dumb” and “ignorant” and brought out a panel to support his claims, Brand posted another episode of his The Trews web series, in which he fired back at Hannity.

He did, however, note that their conflict “has as its background the worst conflict on the planet,” and the two of them may have trivialized the serious fighting in Israel —something he said might have been his fault because he “accurately” pointed out that Hannity looks like a Ken doll.

Still, Brand picked apart Hannity’s response piece by piece: The comedian began by noting that Hannity's reference to himself as “little old me” undercuts his opening.

“He’s already getting in trouble by trying to present himself sympathetically as little old me, when he started off mendaciously and vindictively playing one of Katy [Perry]’s pop songs and going ‘mostly famous for his failed marriage.’ That’s a mean-spirited approach,” Brand says.

Brand also was amused that Hannity’s plan to bash Brand is being sabotaged by one of his panelists, Geraldo Rivera, criticizing Hannity’s argument.

When another member of Hannity’s panel refers to the open letter written by Spanish stars including Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, Brand also seemed to take issue with the celebs' remarks, reading from the open letter and then saying, “Javier, you ignorant star, with your talk of peace.”

In closing, Brand invited Hannity to embrace his humanity.

"Sean, you're a human being. Come back to humanity, Sean,” he says. “You've lost yourself, mate. Tonight when you go home, look in the mirror for a little while, take a deep breath, remember how you were as a child, remember how you feel about the people you love, remember that all human beings everywhere, they have those sensations and those feelings, try and speak from a perspective of love not from vengeance and hatred."

Watch Brand’s full video below.