Russell Simmons Invests in Photo App Taplet

Taplet Home - P 2015
Courtesy of Taplet

Taplet Home - P 2015

The app, which is available for iPhones, allows people to turn video footage into still images.

Photo app Taplet has raised $1 million from a slate of investors that includes Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons, CAA Sports co-head Michael Levine and other strategic media and entertainment partners. 

Taplet, which launches for iPhones on Tuesday, allows users to make still high-definition images from video footage. The app has been in private testing with a small group of more than 500 influencers, including pro-surfers, athletes and members of the creative community. 

“Video is the oxygen of new media, and converting moments of video into timeless images is irresistible,” said Simmons. “The young, social, media­-savvy team in my media company, All Def Digital, couldn’t stop using Taplet, so I’m excited to be an investor."

The app, founded by Dustin Pourbaba, gives people the ability to search a video frame-by-frame, retouch the images with an editing tool and then save the photos to their phone or share via social media. It works with video from iPhones, GoPros, apps such as Snapchat and digital cameras. 

"I started Taplet with the backwards idea of letting people pull HD photos out of videos so they could more easily capture life’s magic," said Pourbaba.