Russia Box Office: Disney Has Record Year in Rubles

zootopia still new 3 - H 2016

Thanks to the likes of 'Zootopia' and 'Jungle Book,' Disney releases have grossed more in the local currency so far in 2016 than in any previous full year.

The third quarter isn't even over yet, but Walt Disney has already hit its best-ever box-office year in Russia in local currency terms.

International Weekend 9/4/16

Comscore for Weekend of 9/4/16
Weekend Cume
1. Star Trek Beyond $37.0M $131.1M
2. The Secret Life of Pets $17.3M $403.0M
3. Jason Bourne $12.0M $223.0M
4. Suicide Squad $11.8M $375.5M
5. Ice Age: Collision Course $8.2M $326.6M
6. Mechanic: Resurrection $7.6M $17.8M
7. Finding Dory $6.3M $461.4M
8. Lights Out $5.4M $70.2M
9. Don't Breathe $5.3M $8.6M
10. Ben-Hur $5.2M $29.7M

The company's releases have grossed 7.9 billion rubles ($120 million) by early September, a figure that is higher than the full-year haul for any previous year.

With four more months to go, Disney's Russian box-office performance has handily surpassed last year's figure of 7.3 billion rubles, the studio's previous record in rubles.

The company's biggest hits in Russia of this year are Zootopia, which has grossed 2.3 billion rubles, The Jungle Book (1.4 billion rubles) and Captain America: Civil War (1.1 billion rubles). That makes them the year's top-, seventh- and ninth-highest grossing movies in Russia, respectively.

While this year's box-office figure in rubles is the company's highest of all time in the country, due to the Russian currency's sharp devaluation over the last two years, 2013's performance remains a Russian record for Disney in U.S. dollar terms. That year, Disney releases brought in in 5.8 billion rubles, which amounted to $183 million at that year's average exchange rate of the ruble to the dollar.

Still, with such releases as Moana, Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story scheduled before the end of the year, Disney has a chance to further boost its 2016 results in Russia.

Disney could also challenge for the record for a Hollywood studio's best-ever performance in Russia in a single year. Universal, whose releases grossed 8.9 billion last year, currently holds that record.