Russia Box Office: 'Furious 7' Aims for Record Opening Weekend

Furious 7 Still - H 2015

The franchise’s new installment, which opens this weekend, is predicted to gross $13.6 million.

Experts predict that Furious 7, which is to open in Russia this week, is likely to have a record start. 

Exhibitors’ Bulletin, Russia’s main distribution and exhibition trade journal, has forecasted that the Furious franchise’s seventh installment is set to gross $13.6 million (750 million rubles) in the opening weekend, which would mark the best-ever start for a movie in Russia.

The movie’s large-scale ad campaign, coupled with the fact that Furious 7 screenings are to account for more than a half of all screenings in Russia this coming weekend, are likely to contribute to the film’s successful start, according to Exhibitors’ Bulletin.

As reported by the trade journal, the fact that the movie is coming out in the 3D format and tickets for 3D screenings are more expensive, is also likely to lead to better performance than that of the franchise’s previous installment, while the only negative factor is the movie’s 16+ rating, which will prevent some teenagers from coming to see it.

Distributed by UPI, Furious 7 will open in Russia on 1,190 screens on April 9.

Furious 6, released in Russia in May 2013, grossed $32.2 million, becoming the year’s fifth-highest-grossing movie. The previous two installments of the Furious franchise, Fast Five and Fast & Furious, also made Russia’s top 10 of highest-grossing movies in 2011 and 2009, respectively.