Russia's Central Partnership Wins Appeal Against CP Digital

It will collect $2.2 million in back royalties on DVDs.

MOSCOW -- Russia’s largest independent film producer and distributor Central Partnership has won an appeal against CP Digital, a company owned by its former president.

Moscow’s court of appeals has upheld an earlier decision, under which CP Digital was supposed to pay Central Partnership royalties on films from the company’s library, which CP Digital published on DVD. Still, the court of appeals lowered the sum of back royalties due to be paid to Central Partnership from 69.3 million roubles ($2.35 million) to 65 million roubles ($2.2 million).

CP Digital, which for years was Central Partnership’s sole licensee for DVD publishing, is widely believed to be owned by Central Partnership’s former president and founder Ruben Dishdishyan. It stopped paying royalties to Central Partnership a year ago, at about the same time as Dishdishyan stepped down. Two more lawsuits involving Dishdishyan and his former company are still pending.

Meanwhile, early this year, Dishdishyan, who founded Central Partnership back in 1995 as a television content distributor, launched a new company, Mars Media. It is expected to produce 10 television shows and three movies this year.

Central Partnership is majority owned by Prof-Media, the media wing of Vladimir Potanin's Interros.