Russia's Central Partnership Launches Production Company

It will produce all of the group’s movies and television series within 5-6 years.

MOSCOW – Russia’s largest independent film producer and distributor Central Partnership is launching its own production company.

So far, the company’s production was done on a subcontractor basis, but now it is launching a separate company, Studio Central Partnership, which is to gradually take over all production, the company’s spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We first thought about our own production company when our production volumes increased dramatically and we launched 15 projects back in 2008,” executive vice president Zlata Polishchuk said in a statement. “Then the financial crisis made us postpone our plans, but now the market is showing sustainable growth and we are launching a large number of projects.”

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According to Polishchuk, having its own production company is set “to improve the effectiveness of investment in production and step up control over the financial and creative sides of the film production process.”

The production company is to be launched within a short, unspecified period of time, and it is to be in charge of one third of the total of 12 projects slated to be launched this year, Central Partnership said, adding that within five to six years, Studio Central Partnership will produce all of the company’s movies and television series.