Russia to Get Channel Che for "Real" Men Who Are "Kind Because They Are Strong"

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"In the Russian language, Che resonates with words and names like man, honor, entertainment, Chekhov and more," CTC Media says.

Russian commercial TV networks operator CTC Media is launching a new lifestyle channel aimed at males aged 25-49.

Dubbed "Che," it will replace existing channel "Pepper" (or "Peretz") and complement the company's female-focused "Domashny" ("Home") channel.

Che, which goes live November 12, will have programming on men's hobbies, interests, sports and movies drawn from international and Russian distributors. But CTC Media also touts it as interesting for women who want to better understand the men in their lives.

"The key idea of the new channel is the reflection of the lifestyle of a 'real man,' his interests, principles and core values," the company, which runs Russia's leading entertainment channel, CTC, said Thursday. "In the Russian language, Che resonates with words and names like man, honor, entertainment, Chekhov and more. Che is a proud name!"

Although aimed at men, the new channel will target all viewers aged 25-49 with a particular focus on the 30-40 demographic.

The channel will celebrate "men whose work is recognized and valued, who command respect, who are trying to make good use of their time, and who love their country and family," CTC said. "It will be the channel for men who are kind because they are strong. Women will find in Che a valuable source of information about the interests of their partners, and an opportunity to peek into their minds."

Yuliana Slashcheva, head of CTC, said: “We will be replacing Peretz with a completely different channel with a new concept, content and design."

In a nod to the challenges the company has experienced as Russia's economy has been hit by a recession in the past year, she added that the new channel would "be even more attractive for its target audience and will bring new opportunities to advertisers, ultimately bringing additional profits to the company."

Niche male lifestyle channels are relatively underdeveloped in Russia, with no networks in the field counted among the country's top channels.

Among the few in the area, cable network T24 airs programming about machinery, technology, martial arts and men involved in "brutal" professions, the network says.

Also, Gazprom Media recently launched sports channel Match TV, while NTV network, which is also owned by Gazprom Media, has long been considered a male-centric network, but its viewers are mostly in their 50s and older.