Russia to Launch New TV Awards Show in 2014

The planned ceremony follows the failure of an industry body to agree over the format of the TEFIs.

MOSCOW – New TV awards are to be launched in Russia next year following the failure of an industry body to agree over the format of the TEFIs, given annually since 1995 until last year.

Under a new agreement with the National Association of TV Broadcasters, Russia's top 13 channels and networks, including CTC, the First Channel, Rossiya, NTV, TNT, Channel 5 St Petersburg and others, will establish new awards to replace the TEFIs.

The Russian Academy of Television hosted the 17th edition of the TEFI awards in May 2012. In April this year, a few weeks ahead of the scheduled 18th edition, the academy said it would not be holding the awards in 2013 pending the development of new rules and regulations.

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Friday's agreement between the networks and NAT seems calculated to preempt that.

In a statement issued by CTC, announcing the creation of a committee on "television industry awards," the company -- one of Russia's leading entertainment networks -- said: "The Russian Academy of Television, unable to overcome its differences, has decided not to hold a TEFI ceremony this year. Thus, dozens of talented works are now unable to be distinguished by national television awards."

The new nonprofit partnership between NAT and the networks will aim to organize a new awards ceremony scheduled for late June 2014 that will "encourage the brightest and most talented members of the television industry."

The name and design of the new award will be determined through an open competition announced by the partnership, the statement said.

Pavel Korchagin, an experienced Russian television professional, will head the new awards committee. Korchagin has worked for both public and private channels and is now CEO of production company Studio 2B.

The new awards will be made for two general categories, Nighttime Live and Evening Prime, with shows aired between May 2012 and May 2013 eligible for the first awards ceremony.