Russia Promises Exhibition Preferences for Chinese Films

It also hopes for reciprocation when it comes to Russian releases in China

Russian authorities said they are ready to extend exhibition preferences to Chinese movies as part of a move to boost collaboration between the two countries in the film area.

"Speaking about prospects of our cooperation, cinema, as one of the most popular arts, is a very interesting topic," said Russia's culture minister Vladimir Medinsky at the Russian-Chinese cultural forum in Beijing, news agency RIA Novosti reported.

"We have brought a large group of producers here who are presenting their films," he said. "We are sure that Chinese exhibitors could make good money exhibiting Russian films. In return, we are ready to ensure priority treatment for Chinese cinema in the Russian market."

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Medinsky complained that very few Chinese films are released in Russia or Russian films in China these days, adding that he was ready to personally take part in presenting every Chinese release in Russia.

The two countries made the first step towards cooperation in the film area two months ago, when they signed an agreement on audio-visual cooperation under the auspices of the two countries' film cooperation sub-commission, which explored ways for the countries to work together.

Some Russian officials and filmmakers have repeatedly said that Hollywood domination in local theaters, with U.S. movies accounting for roughly 20 percent of the total box office, should be stopped, with local films and movies from other countries getting more access to the screens. However, no specific steps have been taken so far.