Russia Promises to Release Banned 'Child 44' on DVD and Online

Child 44 Trailer Screengrab H 2015

Child 44 Trailer Screengrab H 2015

The movie may even appear on the culture ministry's website, according to minister Vladimir Medinsky.

Russia's culture minister Vladimir Medinsky, who was instrumental in pulling Lionsgate's Child 44 from Russian theaters last week, promised that the movie will still be released on DVD and online, including the culture ministry's website.

"We had no intention to conceal this work of the international film industry from the people," Medinsky said in a statement quoted by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. "Child 44 will be made available on licensed DVDs and online as soon as rights to these distribution options are open."

"Moreover, at the first opportunity [the film will be available] on the culture ministry's website," he went on to say.

Child 44 was pulled from Russian theaters on April 15, one day before it was scheduled to have a general release, by a joint decision of the culture ministry and the distributor, Central Partnership. The ministry accused the film, set in the Stalin-era Soviet Union soon after the end of WWII, of "distorting historical facts."

Explaining the ministry's position, Medinsky said that the movie depicted the Soviet Union as "a Mordor populated with physically and morally deficient subhumans."

Meanwhile, the list of post-Soviet countries that have joined Russia in banning Child 44 is increasing. Most recently, Uzbekistan canceled the release of the film, following in the footsteps of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.